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        [duola ang Chapter Chairman sa lungsod. Kada lungsod adunay Chapter Chairman nga maoy mupahilona
          sa tanan. Ug walay available nga Chapter Chairman sa lungsod diin ka mahisakop, dangop lamang sa
          kasikbit lungsod o sa bisan asa nga lungsod sa Bohol diin ka komportable nga muapil.

  • Chapter Membership Process
    (PGBI CBL Art.III, Sec 1 & 2)

    Those who at the time of the adoption of this Constitution and By-Laws are incumbent members of the DIABLO Squad Crime Busters (DSCB), Guardians Brotherhood, Inc. (GBI), Guardians Centre Foundation, Inc. (GCFI), MAGIC Group and all other GUARDIANS factions who will be admitted pursuant to the provisions of this constitution and By-Laws;
    Those who are hereafter admitted as members of the Organization in accordance with this Constitution and By-Laws.

    A citizen of the Philippines who is of good standing in the community is eligible for membership provided he/she shall qualify and pass the organization’s screening and testing procedure after an application made in writing is given due course
    The organization shall determine the qualifications of an applicant for membership after or during his/her membership as PGBI AUXILLIARY. Among others, the age requirement for MAGIC Group is at least twenty one (21) years of age.

    At Philippine GUARDIANS Brotherhood, Incorporated (PGBI), we strive to be the best we can. PGBI are therefore committed to his chapter members to help them to fulfill its goals. We follow a program which promotes gentleman ship manner, athletic and social achievement, along with a strong feeling of pride and unity.
    PGBI are looking for the brightest, strongest, and most responsible young men to share the wealth of our organization. Of the many things you will enjoy as a member here, is the opportunity to further develop:
    Leadership Skills - Become an officer and learn to deal with diverse genre of people. Becoming a leader in the PGBI GUARDIANS movement involves the ability to lead people that are your age or older and may or may not be like you. Handling a diverse motivational model and succeeding is a skill that any Guardians will need to be a successful officer.

    Gentlemanly Conduct - Perhaps chivalry is dead in every other part of the world, but not here. We believe that no excuse exists for poor conduct in the presence of others. Do you rise to shake hands? Stand when a woman enters the room? Know that turning your fork tines down is a sign that your meal is not yet finished? You will.

    Re-Academic Success - We expect our members to have an academic wisdom, however, brothers are always available to help each other succeed in their undergraduate endeavors. We may conduct brotherly tutoring at request.

    Athletics – Guardians is not a social-athletic club, but every man appreciates physical fitness and good competition that regular athletic participation commands.

    Social Skills - The ability to network is as imperative in the job market as it is in every social arena. Learning how to better communicate with women / or prospective colleagues is a skill set that requires practice every day.
    The aforementioned are traits that we can help to develop, however, if no skill in the above areas exists; perhaps a different organization may better suit you. Guardians’ life at PGBI is not for everyone; however, if you feel you are willing to take on the challenge to reap the ultimate reward, let us know who you are.

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    Official website: pgbikuwait
    "Small in Numbers but with Quality Members"! Long Live Guardians.....Long Live PGBI....!
    Founded: May 26, 2011

  • Chapter Chairmen/Coordinator Present Chapter Chairmen/Coordinator Present:
    1. Tagbilaran City Chapter - President RMG Niki Besas 
    2. Dauis Chapter - Chairman MG Prime Bomediano 
    3. Panglao Chapter - Chairman MG Gary Naval 
    4. Alburquerque Chapter - Coordinator MG PB Elias Jipos 
    5. Sierra Bullones Chapter - Chairman RMG Jyrx Dolotina 
    6. Talibon Chapter - Coordinator MG Alwele Pojas 
    7. Candijay Chapter - Vice Chairman MG Rene Sistona 
    8. Baclayon Chapter - Chairman RMG Jojo Carcallas 
    9. Loon Chapter - Chairman MG John Mascariñas 
    10. Garcia Hernandez Chapter - Chairman MG Berting Ranario 
    11. Carmen Chapter - Chairman GGF Jorge Ibarra 
    12. Dimiao Chapter - Chairman GGF Gene Rara 
    13. Ubujan-Tagbi Chapter - Coordinator MG Toskie Diamante 
    14. Maribojoc Chapter - Chairman MG Nixer Coloma 
    15. Loboc Chapter - Chairman MG Mario Camarote 
    16. Sevilla Chapter - Coordinator MG Ric Digal 
    17. UB Institutional Chapter - Chairman Mike Minguita 
    18. Enforcer Intitutional Chapter - Coordinator MG Amit Miro 
    19. Batuan Chapter - Chairman Rufe Sumampong 
    20. Inabanga Chapter - 3rd Dist. Coordinator GGF Al Estose 
    21. Clarin Chapter - Chairman MG Felimon Alison

      Chapters confirmed but not able to attend;
      Getafe Chapter
      Duero Chapter
      Dagohoy Chapter
      Jagna Chapter
      Lila Chapter
      Pilar Chapter

      In-active chapters Status
      Alicia Chapter
      San Miguel Chapter
      Tubigon Chapter
      Danao ChapterCalape Chapter
      Sagbayan ChapterCatigbian ChapterBilar Chapter

      Chapter on-leave status
      Ubay Chapter
      Mabini Chapter
      Valencia Chapter
      Pres. Garcia Chapter

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  • Bohol
    Bohol is a first class island province of the Philippines located in the Central Visayas region, consisting of Bohol Island and 75 minor surrounding islands.

    Its capital is Tagbilaran City. With a land area of 4,117.26 square kilometres (1,589.68 sq mi) and a coastline 261 kilometres (162 mi) long, Bohol is the tenth largest island of the Philippines.

    To the west of Bohol is Cebu, to the northeast is the island of Leyte and to the south, across the Bohol Sea is Mindanao. The province is a popular tourist destination with its beaches and resorts.

    The Chocolate Hills, numerous mounds of limestone formation, is the most popular attraction. Panglao Island, located just southwest of Tagbilaran City, is famous for its diving locations and routinely listed as one of the top ten diving locations in the world. Numerous tourist resorts dot the southern beaches and cater to divers from around the world. The Philippine Tarsier, considered the second-smallest primate in the world, is indigenous to the island.

    Boholanos refer to their island homeland as the "Republic of Bohol" with both conviction and pride. A narrow strait separates the island of Cebu and Bohol and both share a common language, but the Boholanos retain a conscious distinction from the Cebuanos. Bohol's climate is generally dry, with maximum rainfall between the months of June and October. The interior is cooler than the coast.
    It is the home province of Carlos P. Garcia, the eighth president of the Republic of the Philippines (1957–1961) who was born in Talibon, Bohol.

    The outlying islands surrounding mainland Bohol under the jurisdiction of the Bohol Provincial Government are:
    • Alicia
    • Bagatusan
    • Bagong Banwa
    • Balicasag
    • Banacon
    • Banbanan
    • Bansaan
    • Batasan
    • Bay Sa Owak
    • Bilangbilangan
    • Bonbon
    • Bosaan
    • Buabuahan
    • Bugatusan
    • Busalian
    • Cabilao
    • Cabul-an
    • Cabantulan
    • Cabgan
    • Calangaman
    • Cancoslino
    • Calituban
    • Cataban
    • Catang
    • Cati-il
    • Cuaming
    • Danajon
    • Gak-ang
    • Gaus
    • Guindacpan
    • Hambongan
    • Hingutanan
    • Inanoran
    • Jaguliao
    • Jandayan
    • Jau
    • Juagdan
    • Lapinin
    • Lapinin Chico
    • Limasoc
    • Lumislis
    • Ma-agpit
    • Mahanay
    • Makaina
    • Makalingao
    • Malingin
    • Mantatao Daku
    • Mantatao Gamay
    • Maomauan
    • Maubay
    • Mocaboc
    • Nasingin
    • Nocnocan
    • Pamasaun
    • Pamilacan
    • Pandanon
    • Pandao
    • Pangangan
    • Pangapasan
    • Panglao
    • Pinango
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  • Is it a fraternity? No it is not a fraternity.
    Guardians is an organization.

  • What are the Duties and Responsibilities of GUARDIANS?

    While all members are entitled to privileges, it is incumbent upon them to abide by certain duties, the fulfillment of which would enhance the image of the Organization.

    Thus, the following are the duties and responsibilities of a responsible and true blooded GUARDIANS member of PGBI.


    • Vote and be voted upon in any election or referendum concerning the affairs of the Organization;

    • Pay his/her dues and such other assessments as maybe authorized by the By-Laws or Policies promulgated by the Organization;

    • Observe and comply with the rules and regulations as maybe adopted by the Organization;

    • Participate actively and religiously in any activity, undertaking or meeting of the Organization.


    A Guardians is foremost a Gentlemen.

    He/She is expected to be gentle, polite, sincere and refined in his/her manners, talks, acts & interactions with other persons, be they fellow Guardians or not. He/She is expected to be tolerant of others, to admit his/her shortcomings and willingness to receive criticisms and the willingness to reform himself/herself.

    A Guardians exercises patience and tolerate the opinion of everyone. He/She is respectful to his/her superiors and humble in his/her ways. Arrogance, pride, boastfulness and aloofness are not his/her traits. Profane language is to be avoided.

    A Guardians must be committed to the country and people.

    He/She must be ever ready to protect the sovereign independence of the nation from any kind of treat, whether internal or external and from whatever source. He/She must be ready to fight any force that attempts to enslave the Filipinos or which seeks to destroy the cherished hopes, aspirations and dreams of the Filipino people. Guardians must oppose all acts that are anti-Filipino and must therefore support the leaders who strive to keep the country united and truly free. It is incumbent upon Guardians to cooperate with measures that seek to improve the country whether politically, spiritually, socially or economically.

    A Guardian is the servant of the people. (PRO PEOPLE)

    He/She must serve the people by rendering rural, community and health services in times of calamities and other disaster. Thus, he/she is to trait everybody with respect and should avoid anything that will scandalize the Organization. He/She sees to it that nothing will destroy the rapport and cooperation between the people and the Organization.

    A Guardian is a Guardian of his/her fellow Guardians.

    It is incumbent upon every member to help his/her fellow Guardians. It is his/her responsibility to see to it that his/her fellow Guardians acts in accordance with the noble ideals of the Organization and to caution his/her fellow Guardians of any actuation contrary thereto. Whenever he/she can, Guardians must unselfishly help and assist his/her fellow Guardians in whatever capacity.

    A Guardians must preserve, maintain, and care for his/her Family.

    It is an insult to the Organization if Guardians forgets his/her duties to his/her wife and children. Scandals and other immoral acts should be avoided.

    A Guardian has the duty of abiding faithfully and conscientiously with PGBI Constitution and By-Laws, its Code of Conduct, rules and regulations including practices, customs, traditions and usage of the Organization.

    Finally, Guardians must continuously strive to improve himself/herself whether in his/her work or in his/her habits, so that he/she may become the epitome of an ideal citizen.

  • How To Be A Guardians?
    A PGBI GUARDIANS is only as good as the men who call it home. As our members move out into the world, we must replenish our ranks with the best candidates possible. If you would like to share in an experience that will challenge your definitions of success, loyalty and brotherhood, we would like to hear from you.

    The PGBI GUARDIANS experience begins the first time you express your interest in joining our organization. We encourage you to START NOW . . (This supposed to go to Application online once tick)


    Application for membership shall be made in writing in an official form provided for the purpose. An applicant shall only be considered as a bona fide member after having passed the five (5) stages of membership, namely:

    (a) Application;

    (b) Background Investigation;

    (c) Presentation of Applicants;

    (d) Indoctrination Seminar/Lecture, and

    (e) Recognition.

    a) Application - An applicant shall accomplish an official application form duly indorsed by any bona fide member, known as sponsor, of the organization which shall be submitted to the Screening Committee of the local chapter for examination and approval;

    b) Background Investigation – No one shall be admitted in the organization unless his/her background has been thoroughly known and investigated to ensure that he/she will not be a liability or source of embarrassment in the future. As part of the investigation, an applicant is required to present a police clearance from his/her place of residence,

    c) Presentation of Applicants – An applicant who have passed the first two (2) stages of membership must be presented to all members during a scheduled monthly meeting. In this stage, the applicant must state his/her personal circumstances and the reasons for joining the organization.

    An objection from the members will automatically disqualify the applicant but the objection must be justified and approved by the members present. If there is no objection, the applicant must be immediately scheduled for seminar or lecture;

    d) Indoctrination Seminar or Lecture – Applicants whose application forms shall have been approved shall undergo an indoctrination or Basic Orientation Seminar or lecture on the objectives, aspirations and ideals of the organization;

    e) Recognition – In this stage, it has been the practice of the Organization to adopt certain customs and traditions by which it sets itself from other organizations and giving the members one sense of belongingness and identity essential to the progress and success of the organization.

    This is the transformation stage where he/she will be converted into a better person, but in addition to his/her normal life, profession or occupation, he/she now belongs to a group with a real and tangible purpose for the good of his/her country, fellowmen, family and himself/herself.

  • What is GUARDIANS?
    The GUARDIANS is a non-profit organization established to aid and benefit our brothers in uniform, not only in times of peril or conflict, but most importantly, in times of peace.

    It has the noble task of UNIFYING the personnel in the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP), the police and civilian entities to safeguard the laws of the Republic.

    Thus, it holds NO loyalty to any political party or persons except that of upholding any democratic government or authority duly sanctioned by the people.

    The GUARDIANS therefore is NOT a military organization but it serves as an umbrella entity, which in the spirit of BROTHERHOOD is meant to protect the rights of the men in uniform as well as the rights of our civilian brothers and sisters.

    Each GUARDIANS member, then military, police service or civilian, is pledged first to be a brother among our people and as guardians to the laws and rights of the citizenry.

    Above all, the GUARDIANS’ is established to keep the torch of freedom and peace ever alive in each home of our beloved land.

  • The Unification Process [Tagalog]
    Sa panunungkulan ni Senador Gregorio B. Honasan II sa senado ng Pilipinas, napag-alaman natin mula sa ibat ibang nakaraang pahayag kung paanong ang pagkaugnay ng dating senador ay pinasimulan sa mga daing at panawagan ng pagka-kaisa mula sa may mga tatak ng GUARDIANS sa buong kapuluan na kanyang nakasalamuha sa kanyang mga pag lilibot kaugnay sa kanyang tungkulin bilang senador at sa pagtupad ng kanyang mandato bilang lingkod bayan.  Ang mga samut saring daing sa mga ordinaryong mamamayan ay maisasa-buod sa isang kataga, “Pagkakaisa”.
                 Sa simula pa lamang ng taong 1996 ay may mga pauna nang patalakay sa pagitan ng ibat ibang paksyon ng GUARDIANS sa buong kapuluan upang mapagsama sa isang samahan, isang pangalan at isang pamunuan. Ang mga ito ay bunsod na rin ng mga sumusunod na pangyayari.
                    A) Laganap na pangangalap ng kasapi sa ibat-ibang paksyon ng GUARDIANS na di dumadaan sa tama at tradisyunal na proseso. Marami sa mga nahimok lalo na sa mga sibilyang myembro ay napatunayang may kakulangan at di nararapat maging Mahistrado na siyang dating ibig sabihin ng unang kataga sa MAGIC Group. Ang iba naman ng nakitang nagka ugnayan sa mga criminal at iligal na gawain kayat maituturing na di nararapat.
                    B) Mataas at sobra-sobrang pangugulekta ng mga bayarin at iba pang hindi makatwirang pangangalap ng salapi mula sa mga kasapi.  Sa kadalasan ang dapat na pondo ng Tsapter ay palagiang pinagmumulan ng awayan at di pakakaunawan sa pagitan ng mga kasapi.  Liban pa rito ang mga legal ng kautusan ng mga namumuno ng tsapter as di nasusunod.
                  C) Sa mga naisaad na suliranin, ang pagbubuklod sa pagitan ng ibat ibang paksyon, ay lubhang naging mahalaga at ang bagong layunin ay upang ilagay ang lahat ng grupo sa isang nakakasakop na organisasyon at isang pangkalahatang Konstituson at By-laws at isang pamunuan.
                D) Ang pagbubuklod at naglalayon din na pagsamahin at magbalikaral tungkol sa mga layunin at direksyon ng samahan at sa banding huli at ipaganap ang paglilinis ng hanay lalung lalo ng doon sa mga sumalungat at lumabag sa mga lehitimong kautusan at sa Atas ng Dapat Ugaliin ng samahan.
                  Disyembre ng taong 1998, isang inisyal na pagpupulong na layunin ang pagbubuklod ay ginawa sa Ozamis City, Misamis Occidental sa inisyatiba ni ex- Capt. Ramon “SGF ESPHINX” Espino, na walang kapaguran nagtatag ng Konbensyon sa Mindanao kabilang ang kangyang grupo.  Ito ay dinaluhan ng mga kilalang pinuno at personalidad kabilang sina; Dating Sen. Gregorio B. Honasan II, P/Insp. Leborio Jangao, Gil Taojo, Col. Anastacio Labitad, Col. Gregorio Duremdex, Col. Billy Bibit at Rev. Fr. Nilo Tayag.
                    Sa kalagitnaan ng taong 1999, ilang butihing tauhan sa tanggapan ni Sen, Honasan sa pangunguna ni George M. “FGBF GEORGE” Duldulao ay nagpasimulang maglunsad ng seryosong pagkilos upang magbigay daan sa pag-iisa ng GUARDIANS sa pamamagitan ng matiyagang pakikipagugnayan sa mga kinikilalang pinuno ng lahat ng paksyon ng GUARDIANS sa buong kapuluan.
                   Sa ilang buwang pagsubok na biyang daan ang pagbubuklod, maraming agad na nakiisa dahil na rin sa ang butihing senador ang pangunahing kosederasyon sa pagbubuklod, ngunit hindi rin nawala ang ilan ng may negatibong pananaw tungkol dito. Tutuong isang mahirap na  hakbangin pero ang buod ng grupo ng pagbubuklod na ito ay di natigatig sa mga pinanghihinaan ng loob kaya pinagpatuloy nila ang layunin ng pagsasamasam ng kapatiran sa isang magkakabulod na pambansang samahan.  Ito ay sa dahilang sa loob ng halos dalawamput limang (25) taon, ang kilusang GUARDIANS ay walang malinaw na pananaw sa kanyang patutunguhan at walang nakahaing pormal na balangkas bilang samahan.
                Ang  isa pang kombensyon sa Buhangin Davao City ay ginanap noong Oktubre ng 1999 kung saan isang bagong konstitusyon at by-laws ay inihatag subalit hindi ito kumalap ng mayorya ng mga kinatawan ng rehiyon.  Marami sa mga dumalo at nagmula sa Mindanaw maliban sa Zamboanga o Reg. !X, isa lamang mula sa Luzon at konti sa Visayas.
           Ang pinakahihintay na pangyayari ay naganap noong ika-18 at 19 ng Marso 2000 nang ang mga nakatatanda at mga kilalang pinuno ng GUARDIANS mula sa ibat ibang paksyon at grupo ay nagtipon para sa isang pulong ng pagbubuklod sa Maynila.  Tulad ng inasahan ang senaryo at kaganapan ay di kaayaaya sa simula pa lamang ang mga delegado ng labintatlong (13) rehiyon na may iba-ibang oryentasyon ay nagdatingan at pawang sila ang nagsabing original na GUARDIANS.
            Bagaman at tutuong mahaba at makabasag puso ang mga talakayan at tagisan ng mga higanteng GUARDIANS, mula sa resulta ng pagpupulong at nabuksan ang isang mahalagang pangyayari… ang pagsilang ng ‘Philippine GUARDIANS Brotehrhood, Incorporated (PGBI)” na ang pangunahing layunin ay pagisahin, palaganapin at panatilihin ang pagkakapatiran ng kanyang mga kasapi para sa ikabubuti at upang mas pagtuunang pansin ang interes at hinaing ng mas nakararami na naglalayong makamit ang patuloy na pag unlad para sa mamayang Filipino bilang isang samahan na di sangay ng pamahalaan .
                Ang “Articles of Incorporation at Constitution and By-Laws” ng samahan ay binuo, inaprubahan at pormal na narehistro sa SEC noong ika 26 ng Hunyo 2000 na may SEC Registration Nr A200008885. Ang mga ‘incorporators’ ay sina
                    Fernando “RMG ELSEWHERE” Malamion                                  CAR
                    Isa Perfecto ‘RMG MOHAMMAD” Vergel de Dios Jr.                    NCR
                    Atty. Rex Alvin ‘RMG ARAB’ Bilagot                                         Reg. I
                    Miguel ‘RMG MASTER’ Salomon                                              Reg II
                    Isaac ‘RMG MEL” Padilla                                                         Reg III
                    Ernesto ‘RMG MAO” Macahiya                                                Reg IV
                    Fiscal Romeo ‘RMG ISAROG” Tayo                                          Reg V
                    Steve “SGF SKIPPER” Martir                                                 Reg VI
                    Atty, Pedro Leslie “RMG PLS” Salva                                        Reg VII
                    Dr. Pantaleon ‘RMG EXPLORER’ Crodua, Jr.                              Reg. VIII
                    Hamid ‘RMG AMID’ Julhani                                                    Reg IX
                    Atty. Arthur ‘RMG COMET’ Abudiente                                    Reg  X
                    Dionisio “FGRF DANIEL” Quita, Jr.                                           Reg XI

                 Samantalang sina Sen.Gregorio “SGF GRINGO” B. Honasan II, Leborio “MFGF ABRAHAM” Jangao, Jr., Billy “SGF SIERRA” Bibit, Ernie “MG CARUB” Burac, Bernard “RMG RANGER” Corella, Elixier “RMG NOAH” Bongabong, George “FGBF GEORGE” Duldulao at Garibaldi C. Sungduan ay pawang lumagda bilang mga saksi sa ‘Articles of Incorporation”.
            Ang mga miembro ng “Interim National Executive Council” na binuo ng mga kinatawan sa National Unification Convention ng Ika 18 at 19 ng Marso 2000 ay agad natatag sa pagka ratipika ng Konstitusyon at By-laws maliban kay Fernando “MG ELSEWHERE” Malamion- kinatawan ng Cordillera Administrative Region (CAR) na pinalitan ni Piskal Elmer “MG PIALMER” Sagsago dahilan sa ang una ay kumatawan kay “MG PIALMER” bilang delegado sa bisa ng resolusyon ng liderato ng CAR.
              Lahat ng kinatawan ay pawang naguumalab at masigasig na bumalik sa kanilang rehiyong nasasakupan at ibinalita ang tungkol sa pagsasama sama ng GUARDIANS upang paghandaan at ipatupad iyon sa buong kapuluan.
             Subalit sa mga pagbabago sa kalagayan at pangangailangan ay naging marapat na ang konstitusyon ng PGBI at ang mga legal na kautusan ay kinailangan umayon sa mga pagbabago.  Ang pagbabalangkas at pagsasaayos ng samahan ay isinagawa simula sa nakatatas na pinuno at ang bawat isa ay may kanya kanyang panahon upang mamili at kung minsan mapait mang tangapin ang pagalis o pagkatiwalag ay kailangang gawin.  Kaya’t bagaman at sila ay naging bahagi ng pagugit sa kasaysayan ng PGBI, kailangan na igalang at hayaan sa kanilang landas ang mga sumusunod na kapatid na nakiisa sa pagbubuklod ng samahan; VPs Luzon Bernard “RMG RANGER” Corella at Virgilio “SGF BRONZE” Briones, VPs Visayas Pastor “RMG CADRE” Alcover, sa NCR ay sina Mohammad Isa Vergel de Dios at SGF LAZO. Sa Reg.III si Isaac “RMG MEL” Padilla, sa Reg IX si Hamid “RMG AMID” Julhani, sa Reg XI si Daniel “FGRF DANIEL” Quieta, Jr. at maging ang naging kasapi ng Sekretariat ng Unification na sina Ernie “MG CARUB” Burac at Elixier “MG NOAH” Bongabong.
             Ang titulong Master Founder (MF) na nasa orihinal na Constitution & By-laws ay nagkakaisang inalis at inaprubahan ng mga miembro ng PGBI National Executive Council (NEC) sa kumbensyon na ginanap noong ika 22 ng Hunyo 2002 ng amyendahan ang ating konstitusyon.
             Sa pambansang kombensyon na ginanap sa Cembo Makati noong ika 22 ng Mayo 2005 si Leborio “MFGRF ABRAHAM” Jangao, Jr ay tuluyan ng tinangal sa PGBI sa bisa ng isang resolusyon na inihain, pinangalawahan at ipinasa ng pangkalahatang kinatawan na naroon. Sa okasyon ding iyon ang mga founders at mga incorporators ng GBI ng pinangunahan ni Rogelio FGBF ATONG” Attunaga ay ipinahayag ang kanilang boto ng pagtitiwala sa pamumuno ni GS GRINGO kung saan ang huli ay muling nagpa tattoo ng marka ng kapatiran.
             Ang GUARDIANS ay isang hindi pangpamuhunang samahan na itinatag upang makatulong at mapakinabangan ng ating kapatid sa sandatahan hindi lamang sa oras ng panganib o tungalian ngunit higit sa lahat ay sa panahon ng kapayapaan.
                    Ito ay may dakilang layunin na Pagkaisahin ang mga tauhan ng Sandatahan ng Pilipinas, ang kapulisan at ang mga sibilyan upang pangalagaan ang batas ng ating Republika.
                    Kaya nga’t ang samahan ay walang isinaa-alangalang na katapatan sa kanino mang partidong pulitikal o indibiduwal kundi iyong pagtataguyod ng ano mang demokratikong pamahalaan o ng mga awtoridad na binasbasan ng mga mamamayan.
                    Ang GUARDIANS kung gayun ay hindi isang samahan ng militar ngunit ito ay nagsisilbing sumasaklaw na katauhan na sa pamamagitan ng kapatiran ay naglalayon na pangalagaan ang karapatan ng mga unipormadong tauhan at gayun din ang mga sibilyang kasama ng kapatiran. Bawat kasapi ng GUARDIANS maging militar, pulis o sibilyan ay pangunahing nanumpa bilang kapatid ng sambayanan at tagapagbantay ng batas at karapatan ng taumbayan. Higit sa lahat ang GUARDIANS ay itinatag upang ang liwanag ng kalayaan at kapayapaan ay mapanatili sa bawat tahanan sa ating mahal na bayan. (Copyright 2008 PGBI)

  • The Unification Process
    As early as 1996, there were already exploratory talks among the various GUARDIANS factions nationwide to unify less than one organization, one name and leadership. The move to unify was an offshoot of the following developments:
    a. Rampant recruitment into the GUARDIANS’ various factions, short of undergoing the traditional strict screening process. Many of the new recruits, particularly among civilian members, were found not qualified and not deserving of being a MAGISTRATE, the acronym of the first letter of the word MAGIC Group. Some were found engaged in criminal and nefarious activities and other illegal schemes, thus are considered undesirables.
    b. Exorbitant collection of dues and other unreasonable monetary solicitations from members. In most cases, the supposed chapter funds became the common cause of conflict and misunderstanding among members. Aside from this, there were occasions when even lawful orders of chapter officials were not followed;
    c. With the aforementioned problems; unification among various factions became imperative and the new goal was to place all groups under one (1) umbrella organization, one (1) common Constitution and By-Laws and one (1) leadership;
    d. Unification also aims to consolidate and reorient the members with regards to the objectives and directions of the organization and later to institute a cleansing process specifically aimed to those who violate legal orders and the organization’s Code of Conduct.
    In December 1998, an initial unification meeting was held in Ozamiz City, Misamis Occidental through the initiative of ex-Capt. Ramon “SGF ESPHINX” Espino, who untiringly organized the Mindanao Convention together with his group. It was attended by prominent leaders and personalities among whom were: Senator Gregorio B. Honasan II, P/Insp. Leborio Jangao, Gil Taojo, Col. Anastacio Labitad, Col. Gregorio Duremdez, Col. Billy Bibit and Rev. Fr. Nilo Tayag.
    The meeting was followed by another Convention held in Buhangin, Davao City in October 1999 where a new Constitution and By-Laws was drafted although it failed to gather a clear majority of regional representations. Majority of those who attended were coming from Mindanao chapters, except Zamboanga or Region IX. Only one from Luzon and few from the Visayas were present.

  • The PGBI Experience
    PGBI GUARDIANS is a tangible, a unique and challenging experience. We emphasize personal responsibility and motivation, and our rules and polices reflect this belief. As we move out into this world, no one will be there to micromanage our behaviors and attitudes. In view of this fact, we have created an atmosphere which best encourages the qualities and characteristics that will allow us to succeed beyond our years within these walls.
    At no point during your experience at PGBI GUARDIANS will you be subjected to any sort of hazing or abuse. The privileges and responsibilities of our members are the same the first day they walk into the house as tyros/candidates as they are for the seniors. If you are looking for an opportunity to take advantage of those younger than you, be careful. We are all adults, so you can expect to be treated as one. Our academic expectations are high. We demand your best efforts and expect the highest results, yet here you will find no study hours or curfews. If your academic success is dependent on an authority figure telling you when and what to study, what and how to do, please stay at home with your mom. However, if you are ready to prove your capabilities in an atmosphere which encourages and rewards self-motivated behaviors, you may have found a new place to call home, and that is PGBI GUARDIANS.
    Above all, PGBI GUARDIANS is a journey towards success later in life. The combination of the above experiences and opportunities will greatly assist you in achieving your life goals, whatever they may be. We encourage you to continue to explore the benefits you might gain by becoming a member of PGBI GUARDIANS. We are confident that in the end you will like what you see and hear, and that is the PGBI GUARDIANS.

  • PGBI Story
    During Senator Gregorio B. Honasan II incumbency as senator of the Philippine Republic, we have known from various accounts in the past how the former senators involvement began with the clamours for unity from every marked GUARDIANS nationwide that he was able to touch base with during the tour of duty as Senator in the performance of his mandated function as public servant. Excerpts from all those incidental acquaintances with the GUARDIANS from the grassroots levels nationwide summarizes into but only one sacred word, “UNITY”.
    By midyear 1999, a few good men from the Office of Senator Honasan headed by George M. “FGBF GEORGE” Duldulao started initially the GUARDIANS unification efforts by patiently establishing contacts with the key leaders of all GUARDIANS factions nationwide.
    During the provisional months of the unification efforts, some responded readily considering the good senator then as the unifying factor while others may have absorbed it negatively. Arduous tasks indeed but the unification core group was not derailed with all those discouragements and thus continued with their quest for uniting the brotherhood into one cohesive national organization. Because for nearly twenty-five (25) years, the GUARDIANS movement had no clear vision of its directions nor any proposed formal structure.
    Thus the day of reckoning did happen on March 18 and 19, 2000 when GUARDIANS elders and key leaders coming from the different major factions of the GUARDIANS movement and splinter groups convened for a unification meeting in Manila. Expected as it was, the scenario and environment were very unlikely from the day the representatives / delegates from thirteen (13) regions with different orientations arrived all claiming to be the original GUARDIANS organization.
    Although it was indeed a lengthy heartbreaking discussions and battle of the GUARDIANS titans; from the result of the unification meeting lies a great story… the birth of the “PHILIPPINE GUARDIANS BROTHERHOOD, INCORPORATED (PGBI)” to unify all GUARDIANS factions and splinter groups under one umbrella organization.
    The Philippine GUARDIANS Brotherhood, Incorporated (PGBI), is a non-stock and non-sectarian organization. The core and main objective of the Organization is to unite, develop and maintain camaraderie among its members for the betterment and more effectively address matters of their common interests and concerns, and with the view of achieving sustainable development for the Filipino communities as a non-government organization dedicated in pursuit of peace and prosperity for all Filipinos.
    The new and unifying organization holds aloft the motto: “Brotherhood for PEACE, INTEGRITY, JUSTICE, EQUALITY, SERVICE and PROSPERITY”.
    The Articles of Incorporation and Constitution and By-laws of the organization was formulated, approved and was formally registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission on June 26, 2000 under SEC Registration NrA200008885. The incorporators were the following:
    Fernando "RMG ELSEWHERE" MalamionRepresentative, Cordillera Administrative Region (CAR)
    Isa Perfecto "RMG Mohammad" Vergel de Dios, Jr.Representative, National Capital Region (NCR)
    Atty Rex Alvin 'RMG ARAB" BilagotRepresentative, Region I
    Miguel “RMG MASTER” SalomonRepresentative, Region II
    Isaac “RMG MEL” PadillaRepresentative, Region III
    Ernesto “RMG MAO” MacahiyaRepresentative, Region IV
    Fiscal Romeo “RMG ISAROG” TayoRepresentative, Region V
    Steve “SGGF SKIPPER” MartirRepresentative, Region VI
    Atty. Pedro Leslie “RMG PLS” SalvaRepresentative, Region VII
    Dr. Pantaleon J. “RMG EXPLORER” Crodua, JrRepresentative, Region, VIII
    Hamid “RMG AMID” JulhaniRepresentative, Region IX
    Atty. Arthur “RMG COMET” AbundienteRepresentative, Region X
    Dionisio “FGRF DANIEL” Quita, Jr.Representative, Region XI
    . . .while Senator Gregorio “SGF GRINGO” B Honasan II; Leborio “MFGF ABRAHAM” Jangao, Jr.; Billy “SGF SIERRA” Bibit; Ernie “MG CARUB” Burac; Bernard “RMG RANGER” Corella; Elixier “RMG NOAH” Bongabong; George M. “FGBF GEORGE” Duldulao; and Garibaldi C. Sungduan affixed their signatures as witnesses in the Articles of Incorporation.
    The members of the Interim National Executive Council composed of the delegates or representatives to the March 18-19, 2000 National Unification Convention in Manila existed immediately upon the ratification of the Constitution and By-Laws except for Fernando “MG ELSEWHERE” Malamion – Representative, Cordillera Administrative Region (CAR) which were replaced by Fiscal Elmer “MG PIALMER” Sagsago because the former represented CAR In behalf of MG PIALMER by virtue of resolution passed by CAR leadership.
    All burning with enthusiasm, the delegates/regional representatives return to their respective regions of jurisdiction spreading the good news of unification and to replicate the unification efforts down to the grassroots level and get ready for consolidation processes.
    Changing conditions and needs, however, dictate that the PGBI Constitution and other legal orders should likewise reflect the changing times. Structural/Organizational refining was effected to start from top PGBI hierarchy and each one has its own time to leave and has choices to be made in each time whether graceful or ungraceful.. In the instance, those choices are sometimes painful if it means accepting ungraceful exit from the organization. Although they form part in carving PGBI history, we have to respect and let go of the following unification brothers: VPs Luzon Bernard “RMG RANGER” Corella and Virgilio “SGF BRONZE” Briones; VP Visayas Pastor “RMG KADRE” Alcover; NCR Representatives RMG Mohammad Isa Vergel De Dios & SGF LAZO; Region III Representative Isaac “RMG MEL” Padilla; Region IX Representative Hamid “RMG AMID” Julhani; Region XI Representative Daniel “FGRF DANIEL” Quieta, Jr.; and some members of the unification secretariat namely; Ernie “MG CARUB” Burac & Elixier “MG NOAH” Bongabong.
    The title of Master Founder (MF) which was included in the original Constitution and By-Laws was unanimously deleted and approved by members of the PGBI National Executive Council (NEC) in a convention held on June 22, 2002 when its Constitution and By-Laws was amended.
    Grand Supremo (GS) is a title given to the highest incumbent National Official of the organization, whether coming from the Supreme Godfather (SGF) / Supreme Godmother (SGM), Ranking MAGIC Group (RMG).

  • The PGBI Story [Tagalog]
    Pag nabibigkas ang salitang ‘GUARDIANS’ ang nasa isip ng karamihan ay ang anino ng kapatiran na samahan ng mga unipormadong tauhan ng sandatahang lakas at ng kapulisan at iba pa nitong sangay na iniuugnay sa dating rebeldeng sundalo at bayani na si Gregorio “GRINGO” B. Honasan II, ngunit sa nakararaming markadong GUARDIANS, ito ay napakalayo sa katotohanan. 
    Ano man ang kasaysayan ng kilusang GUARDIANS ang pinagmulan nito ay maaring ang pagtangkilik sa kaparehong konsepto na pinili mula sa maikling pananatili ng DIABLO SQUAD CRIME BUSTER ASSOCIATION, INC. (DSCB), na ang mga ‘incorporators’ ay ang mga sumusunod. na pawang mga taga Zamboanga City,ngunit hindi ibig sabihin na ang kilusang GUARDIANS ay nagmula sa mga Diablo Squad Crime Buster Association, Incorporated.
    Edwin H. Vargas ng Calarian           
    Levigildo Lanto ng Sta. Maria
    Memerto Romero ng Tetuan              
    Jesus Mabalot ng Ayala
    Jose Saplan ng Sta. Maria                  
    Jeffrey Horlador ng Sta. Maria
    Reuben Roan ng Lower Calarian                   
    Jesus Tan ng Cawa-Cawa
    Jose Regino ng Guardia National       
    Ceferino Bernardo ng Cawa-Cawa
    Elias Enriquez ng Pilar St.                
    Salvador Olarte ng Calarian
    Jose Manglicmot ng Sta. Maria
    Antonio Espiritu ng Sta. Maria
    Roman Tigas ng Sta. Maria
    Sina Geronimo at Flores ay lumagda bilang mga saksi sa “Articles of Incorporation na narehistro sa SEC sa ilalim ng Registration Nr. 119564 noong ika-12 ng Marso 1984 ngunit walang Konstitusyon at By-Laws ng ipinasa sa “Securites and Exchange Commission” (SEC).
    Bagamat ang pangalan ay hindi lumitaw sa listahan ng ‘incorporators’ o sa mga naging saksi, ang grupo ay inari di umano ni Leborio Jangao at iprinoklama ang sarili bilang “Master Founder ng DSCB at maging ng GUARDIANS.'
    Sa inspirasyon na ibinigay ng konsepto ng pagpapalaganap ng pagsasamahan at pagkakaisa sa hanay ng mga unipormadong tauhan ng Sandatahang Lakas ng Pilipinas at ng Konstabularyo at Kapulisan, ito ay nagbigay daan sa pag silang ng GUARDIANS BROTHERHOOD, INC (GBI) noong mga unang buwan ng taong 1984 na di umano’y nag-ugat ang kasapian sa mga lugar sa Mindanao.
    Ang Artikulo ng Inkorporasyon at Kontitusyon at By-Laws ng samahan ay natalakay at ipinasa, kung saan ng magtatapos ang taon ay pormal na narehistro sa Securities and Exchange Commission noon Disyembre ng taong 1984 sa ilalim ng SEC Reg. Nr. 123899. Ang mga Incorporators ay ang mga sumusunod.
    Anastacio G. Labitad                    Acasia St., Carmen, Cagayan de Oro City
    Gil K. Taojo, Jr.                             Tagum, Davao
    Nicanor Cagurangan                    Tarlac
    Themostocles Romeo                     Pateros, Metro Manila
    Sergio Ferrer                                 287 Aldana Real St., Las Pinas City
    Leonides Montehermoso                35 Awang, Cotabato City
    Oscar Arevalo                                Labuan, Zamboanga City
    Rogelio Attunaga                          1992 D. Dart, Paco, Manila
    Elpidio Seletaria                            Ozamis City
    Agustin Tungcol                          Penablanca, Cagayan
    Cristobal Estrada                           San Quintin, Pangasinan
    Catalino Herrera, Jr.                      Blk 222 Lt 5 Phse J Francisco Homes, Bulacan
    Robert Taguinod                           Enrile, Cagayan
    Ernesto Embalzado                        35th Camarilla St., Murphy, Quezon City
    Edgardo Palmera                           19E 1st Ave., Cubao, Quezon City
    Sina Col Gregorio B. Honasan II at MSgt Agustin ay lumagda bilang mga saksi sa Articles of Incorporation. Sa pagka rehistro ng samahan sa SEC, ang mga sumusunod na taon ay kinakitaan ng pinakamalaking resulta sa kasaysayan ng kilusang GUARDIANS kung saan ang mga kasapi ay lumago at lumaganap sa lahat ng rehiyon ng Pilipinas at umabot maging sa mga ilang at napakalalayong bayan at kanayunan.  Sa pag-aalala ng pamunuan ng GBI sa lumalawak na dami ng kasapi, sila at nagtatag ng isang sangay pampinansyal ng samahan, ang GUARDIANS CENTRE FOUNDATION, INC. (GCFI) na ang pinaka layunin ay matugunan ang mahirap na kalagayang pang ekonomiya at ang agarang panganga-ilangan ng mga kasapi at yung sa kanila ay umaasa.
    Ang Articles of Incorporation ng Foundation ay tinalakay. ipinasa at pormal na narehistro sa SEC noong ika-13 ng Oktubre 1993 sa SEC REg Nr. 132118. ang mga incorporators ay sina:
    Dahilan na rin sa di maapulang pangangalap ng kasapi at sa pagpasok ng mga sibilyang kasapi sa lahat ng antas ng pamumuhay kung saan ang mga mahahalagang pinuno at kasapi ay tinuring ito bilang walang basehan, hilaw at di lehitimo, kaya’t isang guhit ng hangganan ang unti unting naghiwalay sa GBI at GCFI bilang dalawang malaking grupo.  Ang paghihiwalay na ito ay nagpasimula ng higit pang pagkahati sa loob ng kilusang GUARDIANS sa lahat ng markadong myembro sa buong kapuluan na nagpausbong sa mga paksyon at mga kalat ng grupo at ilan sa mga ito ay; 
    1   Guardians of Democracy (GoD)   
    2   Guardians Commando                  
    3   Guardians Local                                        
    4   Guardians Bronze Wings  
    5   Guardians Ilocandia                                  
    6   Guardians H-World                  
    7   Guardians Mayor Group              
    8   Guardians 2000                
    9   Guardians Association                  
    10. Guardians Exodus                       
    11  Grand Order of the Unified Guardians Association
    12  Guardians Philippines Incorporated
    13  Guardians Luzvimin                                
    14  Guardians Tanaosug
    15  Guardians Moret                         
    16  Guardians Spider Group
    17  Guardians Robles
    18  Guardians United Democracy and Ecology (GUIDE)
    19  Guardians Brotherhood of MAGIC Group Association Incorporated
    20    Guardians Mountain
    Ito ang pinakamalaking pagkukulang ng GUARDIANS na nag pasimula ng kawalan ng kasiguruhan ng samahan.


Guardians Prayer

LORD, teach us to be courageous and not over come by fear disciplined with the lowly and high brotherly among friends and enemies righteous in the face of greed. GOD, teach us to be ingenious protectors of the helpless dauntless advocators of the Filipino banner Liberty and oneness, kind, expecting no thanks and not giving hatred loyal to our Country and creed mild in anger and tears noble in victory and defeat sincere without pretense and without pride GOD, we beseech thee grant us wisdom to know the way and the strength to go the way. AMEN. Long Live PGBI/GUARDIANS

Guardians Meaning

Meaning of Guardians The term “GUARDIANS” was not chosen arbitrarily. It is an acronym of certain words which best represents the noble ideals of a GUARDIANS. The term is the closest word approximating the ever watchful citizen of the COUNTRY, the FILIPINO PEOPLE, the FAMILY and the BROTHERHOOD itself, thus; G - is for Gentlemen U - United A - Associates R - Race D - Dauntless I - Ingenious A - Advocators N - Nation S - Society

Guardians Song

Hanggang kamatayan Hanggang sa libingan Hanggang sa huling patak ng dugo Ng mga Guardians Mithiin ng bayan Aming ipaglalaban Hanggang kamatayan Hangggang sa libingan Pangkat ng mga Guardians Lalaban di patatalo Layunin ng lipunan Ipaglalaban ng Guardians Mabuhay ang Guardians! Mabuhay ang PGBI! Mabuhay ang Bohol Island Guardians!